Preston Board & Packaging manufacture and supply paperboard packaging products such as paperboard sheets and boards for a variety of industries.

Paperboard is a paper based material which is generally thicker than paper. It is produced in a single or multi wet layer construction formed on specialist machines.

It can be produced from either trees grown in managed sustainable forests or from recycled waste paper.

Thicker paperboard can be produced by laminating pliers together using PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) water based glue.

Being available in different grades, white and brown finishes, it has versatility that other materials lack.

Paperboard can be printed using all modern day techniques and it is easily die cut, creased and glued.

Whether printed or plain Paperboard is fully recyclable making it the choice for the environment.


In thinner form Paperboard has many uses,point  of sale material, transit boxes and trays, layer cards to name but a few.

Where more strength and rigidity is required laminated Paperboard can be used.

Examples of this would be in the manufacture of beds and furniture or for dump bins for point of sale advertising.

Paperboard Sheets

Preston Board and Packaging can offer various grades of Paperboard sheets including:

  • Unlined chipboard/greyboards
  • Brown lined boards
  • Kraft lined boards – one and two side
  • White lined boards – one and two side
  • Polythene/Polyester/Silicon lined boards
  • Paper lined boards

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Preston Board & Packaging supply a variety of solid board products to different industries, from bed manufacturing to cable reels, from point of sale advertising to mounting boards, from cake boards to meat boxes. We offer a diverse range of products in sizes and thicknesses to suit all applications.

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