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The Preston Board and Packaging group manufacture and supply solidboard products such as chipboard paper and paperboard for a diverse range of industries in sheet, reel, tube and edge protection form.

By having our own unlined chipboard mill, the last privately owned one in the UK, we can produce material quickly and at a competitive price.

ChipboardUnlined chipboard is often referred to as solidboard,greyboard or chipboard.They are all derivatives of the same material...

Display BoardsDisplay Board is manufactured by glueing together between 2 and 4 plies of material.This produces a finished product up to...

Conversion ServicesPreston Board and Packaging provides a full range of conversion services to offer cardboard suitable for any requirements...

PaperboardPaperboard is a paper based material which is generally thicker than paper.It is produced in a single or multi wet layer...

High quality

High Quality

In 2011, an additional high tech laminator was built enabling the company to substantially increase its output and range of products.



At Preston Board and Packing Ltd, we recognise the vital need to protect the environment, from a social and economic perspective. The products we develop are environmentally friendly, helping replace plastic signs advertising, metal or plastic coat hangers and cardboard coffins.

Only responsible, certified recycling companies who have Duty of Care Certification, collect the various types of waste generated at Preston Board and Packaging Ltd.

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Fast service

Fast Service

Since we use our own fleet of vehicles and have multiple machines on site, orders can be turned around quickly.



Our auxiliary equipment offers the facility to guillotine trim, round corner, slot and die cut all of the qualities we manufacture.

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Preston Board & Packaging supply a variety of solid board products to different industries, from bed manufacturing to cable reels, from point of sale advertising to mounting boards, from cake boards to meat boxes. We offer a diverse range of Paperboard, Chipboard and Display Board products in various sizes and thicknesses to suit all applications.