Cardboard Chipboard FAQs

Cardboard Chipboard FAQs:  Everything you need to know

What is chipboard cardboard?

cardboard chipboardCardboard chipboard, or unlined and laminated chipboard, can be described as sheets of pressed paperboard made from layers of recycled paper that are compressed and glued together by pressure adhesives. Unlined chipboard cardboard is also referred to as ‘solidboard’ or ‘greyboard.’

What is chipboard cardboard used for?

Depending on the thickness, chipboard cardboard has a wide range of uses. Our products are most often used for boxes, as rolling or backing boards and in the construction of displays, which means that students from all levels of schooling, teachers, public speakers and business owners will greatly benefit from our chipboard cardboard products. The cardboard chipboard that is produced and distributed by Preston Board & Packaging Ltd can be used with any modern printing and lamination procedure.

What are the different types of chipboard cardboard?

Newsprint and cardboard are the most common types of paper used in the production of the two basic variants of chipboard – unlined and laminated chipboard. Unlined chipboard is the most basic type and forms the foundation of the production of laminated chipboard.

How thick is chipboard cardboard?

Here at Preston Board & Packaging Ltd, we are able to produce reels on the board machine of up to 1.25 mm thick. When it comes to laminated chipboard, however, we can produce sheets of up to 5 mm thick and up to the following dimensions: 2000 x 3200 mm.

How is chipboard cardboard manufactured?

Chipboard cardboard sheets are produced from a variety of pulped recycled paper that is compressed into layers and glued together by pressure adhesives (glue) into a great variety of jumbo reels, depending on the customer’s need. Our laminated sheets are bound with PVA glue, creating an extremely durable product.

Is chipboard cardboard environment-friendly?

Preston Board & Packaging Ltd is dedicated to creating opportunities for recycling and providing quality products with no waste. Our cardboard chipboard sheets are made from recycled products and we are proud to announce that all our products are certified as 100% bio-degradable.

How durable is chipboard cardboard?

Unlined chipboard sheets are especially vulnerable to damage, swelling and discolouration when exposed to any form of moisture. Although sizing agents can be used in the production process that offer a degree of moisture resistance, we strongly caution customers not to expose any of our unlined or laminated chipboard products to water unnecessarily.


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