Cardboard Chipboard Sheets

cardboard chipboard sheetsAt Preston Board & Packaging Ltd we produce and distribute high quality cardboard chipboard sheets. Made from the finest paper and cardboard chipboard, our products are 100% certified bio-degradable and recyclable. Our cardboard chipboard sheets are usable with any modern printing process or lamination procedure. Whether you print digitally or lithographically, Preston Board will work for you.

With our manufacturing processes we offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses for your displays. With our lamination process┬áPreston Board gives you the highest quality displays that money can buy. But you won’t have to pay too much for the best. Besides being eco-friendly, easy to alter, and easy to transport, our displays are also affordable.

Our products are varied and suitable for many groups. Students will find our display boards useful at any level of schooling. From the first grade all the way up to college, our display boards will be ample for presentations. Public speakers will enjoy the same benefits, as will teachers. Business owners in particular find our products useful, as our boards provide the basis for their image. Finally, anyone who cares for the environment can appreciate the biodegradability of our products, as well as their potential for recycling. Preston Board is dedicated to providing versatile products with no waste.

Cardboard Chipboard Sheets and The Material’s Benefits

Cardboard chipboard sheets are a material produced using only pulped recycled paper. The most common types of paper used are newsprint and cardboard. There are two basic variants of chipboard. Unlined and unlaminated chipboard is the most basic type, and is the foundation for the other. This product constructs various things, such as: backing boards, rolling boards, boxes and more. Here at Preston Board, it is used mainly in the construction of displays. Laminated chipboard is the second type. When the material used in construction must be thicker than 1.25mm, two or more chipboard sheets get laminated together. We have a unique aspect to our lamination process: we use PVA glue. Each of our plies are bound with this glue, creating a durable end product. With our machines we can produce laminated boards all the way up to 5mm thick, and can make them up to 2000 x 3200mm large. Additionally, there are many different linings which are often applied to chipboard. These range from Kraft paper, to display board and others. With these linings, chipboard can be used for: bins, cards, displays, cable reels and many other products.

Why Choose Our Cardboard Chipboard Displays?

Whether you’re a student, teacher, public speaker, or business owner looking to advertise, we can provide the basis for your displays. And after you’re done with our materials, there is no waste to speak of. Our display board is ideal if you need high quality and environmentally-friendly presentation materials. If you’d like more information, or you’d like to place an order, call us on 01772 253264 or email We’re more than happy to help.


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