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Presentations made without proper display methods are boring. However, to make an excellent display, you require a display board. What exactly is a display board? These are board-like items made from either cardboard or paper to help display a particular item. They are commonly utilised in schools, offices, colleges for projects and in several businesses.

The use of different materials to construct the display boards help in determining the type of board useful for specific projects and presentations. To achieve quality and uniqueness, here at Preston Board and Packaging Ltd, we use cardboard and paper to attain perfect cardboard and paper display boards.

cardboard display board

The reason we use cardboard and paper for display boards is that:

1. Cardboard display boards and paper boards are cheap and can be extensively used as a display board in events, retail stores, or trade shows.

2. Due to the natural, flexible nature of cardboard and paper displays, you can quickly cut them to form an attractive advertisement in case of a retail occasion. They help attract consumers to your stand without much effort from you.

3. The display board material makes it extremely simple to add stickers and other relevant material to increase the information you would love to display on the board. Retailers can add labels to their advertisement display board to help them boost sales. Students can also add to their presentation display boards to help them score better grades by impressing their teachers.

4. Both cardboard and paper are not harmful to the environment. They can be recycled making them perfect to use as display board materials.

We, Preston Board and Packaging Ltd pride ourselves in creating products that are not only budget-friendly but also environmentally friendly. We ensure you acquire the very best that will serve not only you but also generations to come.

Apart from the manufacture of cardboard display boards, we also offer the following services for manufacturing large display boards, paperboard products among others. Our commitment is providing you fantastic products at a pocket-friendly budget. We are also a packaging company that not only delivers your goods but also packages them appropriately.

For whatever assistance or questions you may have, feel free to contact us below and we will get right back to you. You can also give our display board specialists a call on 01772 254187 to discuss your bespoke requirements.


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