Preston Board & Packaging provide a comprehensive range of lamination and conversion services on wide variety of paperboard products.

Laminating x 2, 2 to 4 ply, 2 meter wide

  • Lamination of paper, paperboard and foils, with inline sheet cutter
  • Paper from ca. 50g/m², paperboard to ca. 1250g/m²
  • Employable width: from 500mm to 2050mm
  • Sheet length: from 500mm to 3200mm
  • Finished thickness: from 400µ to 5000µ (7000µ offline)

Sheeting x 2

Preston Board can sheet jumbo size mill reels of paper & board on specialist sheeting machines

  • Reel-to-sheet cutting
  • From 90g/m² to 1000g/m²
  • sheet size: 500mm x 500mm
  • sheet size: 2000mm x 3200mm

Guillotining x 4

Preston Board operate 4 large format guillotines capable of cutting wide variety of paper and board products

  • Sheet-to-sheet cutting
  • From 90g/m² to 2600g/m²
  • sheet size: dependent on material used
  • sheet size: 2200mm x 2200mm

Die Cutting x 6

Preston Board operates a wide variety of hand fed, semi-automated and fully automated die-cutting machinery. These can produce wide variety of die-cut shapes and panels out of large format sheets.

We have recently increase our die-cutting capacity with investment in Bobst 126E fully automated die-cutter for solid board conversion.

  • Sheet-to-sheet cutting
  • From ca. 400µ to ca. 3000µ
  • sheet size: 100 x 130mm
  • sheet size: 1300 x 2000mm


Jumbo reels off the paper & paperboard machine can be rewound down into smaller diameter and narrow widths

  • Slicing large reels into smaller reels
  • From ca. 80g/m² to ca. 500g/m²
  • reel width: 25mm
  • reel width: 1500mm
  • Core diameter for unwinding: 70 / 76 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 300mm
  • Core diameter for rewinding: 70 / 76 / 120 / 150mm


When pallets of finished goods are wrapped damage can be caused to the outer material by the sharp corners of layer boards. This may lead to pallets being rejected by the end user due to them being unstable or damaged. To prevent this Preston Board can round corner the pallet boards eradicating the possibility of damage.

Hole punching

Preston Board has a punching machine capable of cutting up to 8 holes into sheets of board


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Preston Board & Packaging provide a comprehensive range of lamination and conversion services on wide variety of paperboard products. READ MORE


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