Die Cut Cardboard

Here at Preston Board and Packaging Limited, we offer a range of die cut cardboard, designed to suit all your needs when it comes to board and packaging products. We specialise in conversion services, helping you to achieve the right size and shape of cardboard product for your needs. We particularly pride ourselves on our four different types of die-cutting machines which help us deliver various shapes of cardboard product from sheets up to a maximum size of 1300 x 2000mm.

die cut cardboard

Die cut cardboard from Preston Board & Packaging Ltd.

What is Die Cutting?

It is easy to think of die cutting in a general way, as being a process along the lines of making shapes with a cookie-cutter. When we die cut cardboard we use sharp blades to create a shape, to your desired specification, out of a sheet of cardboard. We have four machines which help us to create exactly what you want, over and over again. Each machine is also set up to cut through various types of cardboard, meaning that we can offer our die cutting services using a range of different products.

What are the advantages of die cutting?

Firstly, die cut cardboard machines make identical shapes every time, with no variation. Uniformity is clearly important when you are manufacturing a high number of products. Secondly, when you use a die-cut you can achieve a bespoke product. We can work with you to design a number of different shapes and dimensions to help you achieve the best look for your product. Thirdly, die cutting can be executed quickly and efficiently. Once the die is designed and the material is chosen we will be able to execute your product rapidly, letting you get the product to market quickly.

What materials can be used to die cut?

We are able to use die cutting techniques on our full range of products, which include chipboard, paperboard, and display board. All these different types of board are manufactured by us and can be produced in the right size and thickness to suit your needs. This means that there are no design limitations in regards to the product that you wish to create. Die cutting also means there is less waste material as dies can be lined up in a way that makes the best use of the cardboard. This helps keep costs down for you but is also more environmentally-friendly, something that we take very seriously here at Preston Board and Packaging Limited.

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