Preston Board and Packaging Ltd provide a full range of conversion services to offer cardboard suitable for any requirements in industry



Preston Board can sheet jumbo size mill reels of board on specialist sheeting machines up to an overall size of 2000 x 3200mm



On the laminating machines at Preston Board plies of material can be bonded together using poly vinyl acetate (PVA) glue.This can produce a sheet up to 5000micron (5mm) thick in sizes up to 2000 x 3200mm in most grades



Preston Board have 4 guillotines capable of cutting material up to an overall size of 2200 x 2200mm

die cut

Die Cutting

Preston Board has 3 different types of die cutting machinery.These are capable of producing shapes out of sheets up to a maximum size of 1300 x 2000mm

rounded corners


When pallets of finished goods are wrapped damage can be caused to the outer material by the sharp corners of layer boards.This may lead to pallets being rejected by the end user due to them being unstable or damaged.To prevent this Preston Board can round corner the pallet boards eradicating the possibility of damage.


Hole punching

Preston Board has a punching machine capable of cutting up to 8 holes into sheets of board



Jumbo reels off the board machine can be rewound down into smaller diameter and narrow widths

cardboard tubes

Cardboard Tubes

Our sister company Romiley Board Mill can produce spiral wound and convolute cardboard tubes together with edge protection angles

spiral wound

Spiral Wound Tubes

Spiral wound tubes can be supplied plain or printed,brown or white finish in Internal diameter sizes from 25.4mm up to 305mm and a wall thickness from 2mm up to 15mm

Convolute tubes

Convolute Tubes

Convolute tubes offer greater beam strength which makes them suitable to wrap roller blinds and textiles onto.They can be supplied plain or printed,brown or white finish in internal diameter sizes from 25.4mm up to 76mm and a wall thickness from 2mm up to 6mm

edge protection

Edge Protection Angles

This product can be made to your bespoke length,produced with a brown or white finish,plain or printed with your company logo.These lightweight,100% recyclable edge guards provide the perfect cost effective protection for your goods.Cardboard edge protectors reduce customer complaints,damage and rejected deliveries and present your product in a professional way

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Preston Board & Packaging supply a variety of solid board products to different industries, from bed manufacturing to cable reels, from point of sale advertising to mounting boards, from cake boards to meat boxes. We offer a diverse range of Paperboard, Chipboard and Display Board products in various sizes and thicknesses to suit all applications.