What Is Die Cut Cardboard Used For?

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Die cut cardboard machines are used to cut a number of identical shapes from different materials including cardboard, paper, metal, plastic or fabric. The ‘die’ is rather like an industrial cookie cutter – it is a cleverly designed stamp made up of blades that, when pressed firmly against a material, will punch out the desired shape. The flat shapes that are produced can go on to be decorated or printed upon, and are sometimes referred to as blanks. Die cut cardboard machines can be small and used in the home for crafts such as greeting card making, or they can be on a larger scale and used to manufacture high quantities of items used in all kinds of businesses. At Preston Board & Packaging Ltd, we use this cutting machinery to produce items such as box blanks, books covers and presentation boards. They are an effective way of making precise shapes from the die cut cardboard and paper board we manufacture.

die cut cardboard machine

What can we produce for different businesses?

We can make bespoke paperboard packaging solutions for many kinds of business needs. Individual pieces can be cut up to a maximum of 1300 x 2000mm in size. The best dimensions and shape for a product can be achieved, like pizza boxes, vegetable boxes, poultry trays and flower presentation packaging – these are just a few examples of the kind of die cuts that can be made. Unusual shapes, cut-out handles and custom lids can be added to the design as needed. We can also advise on covers for books, vinyls and most point of sale packaging.


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