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At Preston Board & Packaging Ltd, we can supply a wide range of display board products to suit your needs. Produced onsite, at Preston, using our own laminator, the board is manufactured by glueing together between 2 and 4 plies of material. This produces a finished product up to 2500micron (2.5mm) in thickness.

Two plies of smooth white lined folding boxboard, suitable for printing, are used for the outer surfaces. In addition, either grey board or whiteboard is used for the middle plies if a thicker board is required.

Display board has many different uses which include:

  • Point of sale
  • Dump bins
  • Hanging displays
  • Showcards

Two sided white lined chipboard display board material is environmentally friendly, used extensively in the advertising world for point of sale (POS) displays, dump bins, hanging displays and showcards.

Preston Board and Packaging produce high quality, stable sheets of display board material which are suitable for all the demands of modern day printing and die cutting processes. These include cardboard display board, paper display board products and large display board solutions.

The surface is smooth and fully coated with 20gsm (grams per square metre) of clay coating which makes for a perfect base on which to print using all of today’s sophisticated printing processes whether it be digital, screen or lithographic.

It will also accept all types of modern varnishes and film lamination.

Display board material produced at Preston Board & Packaging Ltd can also be successfully converted with confidence on both high speed automatic and hand-fed die cutting machinery.

All display board material can be supplied FSC® Chain of Custody certified,is fully recyclable and bio-degradeable.

This outlines the commitment of Preston Board to provide a sustainable product for industry of today and tomorrow.

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Preston Board & Packaging supply a variety of solid board products to different industries, from bed manufacturing to cable reels, from point of sale advertising to mounting boards, from cake boards to meat boxes. We offer a diverse range of Paperboard, Chipboard and Display Board products in various sizes and thicknesses to suit all applications.