Display Sign Board

Benefits of Display Sign Boards

Display sign board products are important to any business for advertising their products and services. All business people like having clear and visible signs which will offer a maximum visual impact to their clients. This is a method of getting the attention of clients who may be looking for the products and services offered and passersby who might decide to stop and shop.

Here at Preston Board & Packaging Ltd, we offer very attractive sign boards to ensure that they play their role of drawing in business for your customers. The fact that businesses change drastically is reason enough to avoid investing in permanent signage. Most modern businesses require a flexible and environmentally-friendly solution that they can cycle out in case they change sales, updates and promotions without wasting anything.

Display sign board

What is a Display Board?

This is a board-shaped material that is so strong and rigid that it stands on its own. It can be made from paper or other materials that are affixed to it. Our display sign boards, also known as poster boards, are a great way of communicating your brand’s messages to customers.

How is a Display Board Manufactured?

Plies of white and grey cardboard are laminated together using water based Poly Vinyl Acetate glue to produce a printable product which can be printed and cut to size

We use the best raw materials to create some of the highest quality display boards that are not only affordable but also come in a wide range of thicknesses suitable for all our clients’ needs. All of our materials are environmentally-friendly thus, desirable for those who are environmentally conscious. What we are trying to do is replace all the plastic and metal signs that are normally used for advertising with paper ones since they can easily be recycled.

Benefits of Paper Sign Boards:

  • The first benefit is the fact that they are made from environmentally-friendly materials that customers can recycle.
  • They can be easily adjusted when customers change the products or services they offer without having to incur additional costs.
  • A paper display sign board does not require a professional to install unlike in digital signage
  • These sign boards do not require electricity for them to work

Get in touch with us today for the best paper display sign boards on the market and let us help you take your business to the next level. Call us on 01772 254187 or email sales@prestonboard.co.uk.


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