Grey Chipboard Paper

Why Use Grey Chipboard Paper?

Another name for the grey chipboard paper is unlined chipboard. Being an environmentally-conscious company, we use recycled paper to make our chipboard. After the waste paper is shredded, crushed and made into a soft mass, we then wind it into a jumbo reel.

We, at Preston Board & Packaging Ltd, ensure that the final chipboard product has different properties by adding substances into the pulp mixture. For example, to give the unlined chipboard a brown appearance, recycled boxes or brown dye is used. We also use pulp which has higher newsprint to produce the grey appearance on the greyboard.

Grey chipboard paper

Grey chipboard paper

Available customised options:

When the grey chipboard is laminated we can use it to make:

  • Fabric rolling boards
  • Bedding and upholstery
  • Cable reels
  • Backing boards

Kraft Lined Chipboard Paper

We line Kraft paper on grey chipboard on either one or both sides to make us:

  • Boxes
  • Picture frames
  • Pallet slip sheets

Our Kraft chipboard paper is available in a thickness of .85mm up to 3.5mm

Solid Kraft lined

To give a strong sheet of high resistance to wear and tear, we laminate several kraft papers which give us sizes of .6mm to 1.8mm thickness. It is usually used for:

  • Interleaving sheets.
  • Pallet slip sheets.

Grey board/White lined chip

This is achieved when a coated or uncoated white paper or board is laminated to a greyboard. We do it on either one or both sides. It can be found in sizes of .9mm to 3.5mm thickness. Our white lined chip can be used for:

  • Cable Reels
  • Furniture
  • Box making
  • Foil lined chipboard

We can make a cake board by embossing foil on unlined chip board. It comes in thickness of .9mm to 3mm and can also be used as a salmon board.

Display boards

We also produce display boards having a thickness of 3mm. Our boards are thick and durable enough to be used in school, hospitals, public places. Various items can be displayed including:

  • In schools, any work showcasing creativity of students. Important visitor information and news can also be displayed.
  • In hospitals, the duty roasters can be displayed including any emergency numbers for particular doctors.

Unlined boards can also be laminated and used to:

  • Silicon coated paper-we can use this paper to provide an effective heat and moisture barrier and the properties it releases are not toxic.
  • Metalised polyester-suitable for food and salmon boards.
  • Printed paper/wood effect- gives a beautiful finish to the end product.

Readily available

After recycling the waste papers, we then process into edge protectors, finished reels, tubes and sheets. These are readily available to make other products as per the client needs. We are able to produce unlined chipboard of up to 1.25mm and also build up on thickness using specialist machinery. Our unlined single ply is available to a size of 2000 to 3200mm.

Environmentally friendly

We care for the environment and that is why at Preston Board and Packaging & Ltd we use recycled materials. To find out more about our chipboard paper products, please call 01772 253264 or email We would be happy to assist you with any requirements.


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