Laminated Chipboard

Laminated Chipboard Panels

Laminated chipboard panels are produced when a material is required to be thicker than the maximum single ply caliper of 1250mic (1.25mm). Two or more plies then have to be laminated together.

Here, at Preston Board, we manufacture laminated chipboard panels using a reel to sheet laminator. Poly vinyl acetate (PVA) glue is applied in between each ply to bond them together. This operation adds strength to the finished laminated board.

Unlined chipboard and Unlined greyboards can be supplied by Preston Board and Packaging in calipers ranging from 300micron (.3mm) up to 5000mic (5mm) thick.

On the reel to sheet laminating machine, board from 600micron (.6mm) up to 5000 micron (5mm) in thickness can be produced up to a maximum size of 2000 x 3200mm.

On the laminator at Preston board we can combine a variety of paper and board substrates to provide different finishes and strengths to the end product.

Whether you are looking for laminated chipboard products or unlaminated unlined chipboard, call us on 01772 253264 or email with any enquiries.

laminated chipboard

Unlaminated Unlined Chipboard

Up to 1250mic (1.25mm) can be manufactured in a single ply straight off the board machine. For calipers above this, plies of material have to be laminated together on specialist machinery to build up the thickness.

Thinner sheets of chipboard paper from 80gsm in weight can also be supplied in material often called test liner. This is a product produced on a paper making machine from 100% waste paper similar to unlined.

Single ply unlined chipboard can be supplied sheeted by Preston Board, up to a maximum size of  2000 x 3200mm

At Preston Board the following popular options are regularly laminated:

Unlined Chip/Greyboard

This can be used for:

  • Box Making
  • Cable Reels
  • Bedding and Upholstery
  • Fabric rolling boards
  • Pallet layer Boards
  • Interleaving boards
  • Backing boards

Kraft Lined

Kraft paper can be lined to one or both sides of the Unlined Chip.

It is available in thicknesses from 850micron (.85mm) up to 3500micron (3.5mm)

This can be used for:

  • Picture Frames
  • Box Makers
  • Pallet slip sheets

Solid Kraft Lined

For added strength multiple plies of solid kraft paper can be laminated together giving a robust sheet capable of withstanding above average wear and tear.

It is available in thicknesses from 600micron (.6mm) up to 1800micron (1.8mm)

This can be used for:

  • Pallet slip sheets
  • Interleaving sheets

White Lined Chip/Greyboard

Uncoated White Lined Paper or White Coated Board laminated to either Unlined Chip or greyboard.

This can be done on one or two sides.

Available in thicknesses from 900micron (.9mm) up to 3500micron (3.5mm)

This can be used for:

  • Box Making
  • Point of Sale
  • Cable Reels
  • Furniture

Foil lined Chipboard

Embossed foils can be lined to Unlined Chipboard for the cakeboard industry.

Available in thicknesses from 900micron (.9mm) up to 4000micron (4mm)

  • Can be used for Salmon Boards

Other Substrates

Unlined Chip can be laminated to various other substrates.

  • Polythene coated Paper – Provides a moisture/Grease barrier suitable for meat, fruit and vegetable boxes.
  • Silicon coated paper – Provides a moisture and heat resistant barrier with excellent release properties.
  • Printed paper/wood effect – Provides a decorative finish to the end product.
  • Metallised Polyester – Suitable for Food and Salmon Boards.

To discuss your bespoke requirements for unlaminated or laminated chipboard please enquire below, call us on 01772 254 187 or email

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