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Paper display board from Preston Board & Packaging Ltd.

Here, at Preston Board, we specialise in the manufacturing and supply of paper display board.  Our clients use these products to provide clear, visible signs for maximum visual impact. Attractive signs can communicate an idea more quickly than any other medium and are a proven way to draw in business; in this fast-paced world, however, business needs sometimes change too quickly to invest in permanent signage. Modern businesses need a more flexible, environmentally-friendly solution that can be cycled out with changing sales, promotions and information updates without causing unnecessary waste. Enter Preston Board & Packaging’s paper display boards.

Your Signs, Your Way

These large sturdy boards are the perfect base material to make eye-catching, colourful signs that can be easily swapped out, moved around or replaced as needed. Because they are made of simple cardboard, these products are far more affordable than wood or plastic signage materials. For that same reason, they are also highly versatile – they are engineered to remain structurally sound under most types of manipulation and can be sliced, glued, drilled, or die-cut to create the perfect display. They are suitable for both digital printing and traditional methods like screen printing (so you can use them regardless of your preferred means of production), and can have varnish applied to them to seal the ink and keep the image fresh for longer periods.

Saving the Planet One Sign at a Time

Beyond their sheer usefulness, another compelling reason to use paper display boards is how environmentally friendly they are. These boards are made to be disposable, but to complement this trait, they are also fully recyclable. This gives you a convenient way to dispose of the boards when they are no longer useful to you, cutting out a lot of unnecessary hassle in your logistical processes: just have the sign printed, post it, and send it off to your local recycling facility when you’re done.

Paper Display Board Specifications

Our paper display boards are available in a wide range of sizes (up to a maximum size of 2000 x 3200mm) and thicknesses (up to 2.5mm) that our clients can customise however they choose to. Further, each is made with the pristine white surfaces needed to display colours and images with the precision and faithfulness you expect, but we offer two separate options for the interior colouring: our cream option uses more of the same white unlined cardboard that makes up the exterior, while our grey option uses 100% unmodified recycled cardboard that further minimizes the ecological impact of these display boards. Neither variety should look any different to head-on viewers, so the choice is entirely up to you.

If you need a way to create bold, of-the-moment signs for your business or institution, consider using paper display board products manufactured and supplied by Preston Board & Packaging Ltd. Contact us now on 01772 254187 to learn more.


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