Paperboard Tubes

The Versatility of Paperboard Tubes

Paperboard tubes are cylindrical-shaped, paper-based components which are used in a variety of industries.

What Are the Advantages of Paperboard Tubes?

Paperboard tubes are often chosen in preference to other materials because of their excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Their light weight reduces shipping costs, but they are durable enough to protect the contents from damage. This could be caused by mishandling (from bending or folding) or from external factors such as moisture, heat, chemicals and insects.

Another reason why many businesses prefer paperboard tubes is that they are easily recyclable and if care is taken, they can also be reused. Their materials are much more cost-effective than other packaging and storage materials.

Another benefit of paperboard tubes is their versatility as they can be customised to suit the needs of many different industries. Adding designs or labels to the outside can produce an eye-catching container which appeals to retail consumers, especially those who are concerned about the environment.

paper tubesWhich Industries Use Paperboard Tubes?

The versatility of paperboard tubes and their benefits mean they’re used in a number of industries including:

  • personal care & cosmetics
  • consumer goods
  • food & beverages
  • construction
  • pharmaceutical
  • providing structural support (for example, for paper towels, posters, etc.)

How Are Paperboard Tubes Manufactured?

The manufacture of paperboard tubes is a multi-step process. The wood pulp is cut into long ribbons which makes the resulting fibre stronger and more durable than simple sheets of paper. An adhesive coating is added to the pulp to make the fibres bind more closely. The vast majority of manufacturers use a spiral-wound procedure around a mandrel which allows them to add multiple layers. This makes the resulting tube both thicker and stronger. Other manufacturers make paperboard sheets which are later shaped into the desired shape and size of tubes. The next step is the drying and heat treatment process to remove excess moisture and ensure the pulp combines with the adhesives. If necessary, an internal non-porous layer is added to make the tubes water-resistant.

How Can We Customise Your Order of Paperboard Tubes?

We work with our customers to produce the right paperboard tubes to suit their needs. Before making an order, you should think of the general dimensions of tube you require (in length and width), the desired thickness, the level of durability, the cost, compliance with the law as well as any other specific customisations, depending on the function of the tubes. Our paperboard experts are on hand to offer advice based on our many years of experience working within the industry. Contact us by phone on 01772 254187, by email or send us an online enquiry by filling in the form below.


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