We offer a wide range of paperboard sheets and packaging to suit all your business or personal needs.

Paperboard is a fantastic material which is far more versatile than comparable materials. There are various different types, grades and finishes available, depending on what you are looking for. Here, at Preston Board and Packaging Ltd, we can produce it in a single or multi-layer construction on our specialist machine, which means that it is thicker and stronger than standard paper. One of the best things about this material is that it is completely sustainable, as it can be made from recycled waste paper or from trees grown in sustainable environments. It is also recyclable itself, allowing you to continue the environmentally-friendly cycle, even if there is a design printed on it.

The way that his product is used is as versatile as the material itself. It is easy to die cut, crease, or glue it into whatever configuration you need. It can also be easily laminated if you want a bit more strength in your packaging material, especially if you’re manufacturing something which is large and durable. From rolls to tubes or sheets, we’ve got your order requirements covered for this versatile product!

At Preston Board we offer lots of different grades and types of paperboard, from basic yet versatile unlined chipboards or greyboards to paper lined boards. We also manufacture and supply brown lined boards, white lined chipboard, and Kraft lined chipboard, as well as products which are lined with plastics such as polythene, polyester, or silicon. The Kraft and white lined products are available in both a one or two-sided format, to perfectly suit your bespoke requirements.

Types of Paperboard

The type of paperboard product you will need is entirely dependent on what you want to do with it. The thinner types are perfect for making point of sale materials, including boxes and trays. Thin material is ideal for usage as packaging for food and other consumable items – from cereal boxes to juice cartons or paperboard rolls. Thicker material is more durable which is good for not only building furniture but also creating more heavy-duty point of sale materials such as bins.

Paperboard material

We are experienced in supplying paper board products to a large variety of industries, and no matter what you want to do, there’s sure to be something in our large collection to fit your specifications. In addition to our collection of paperboard sheets, rolls and packaging, we also provide a range of other materials and packaging products to benefit your business, such as paper chipboard products and display boards.

Paperboard Packaging Material

Paperboard is a paper based material which is generally thicker than paper. It is produced in a single or multi wet layer construction formed on specialist machines. It can be produced from either trees grown in managed sustainable forests or from recycled waste paper. Thicker products can be produced by laminating plies together using PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) water based glue. Being available in different grades, white and brown finishes, it has versatility that other materials lack.

The product can be printed on, using all modern day techniques and it is easily die cut, creased and glued. Whether printed or plain, it is fully recyclable making it the choice for the environment.


In thinner form, this product has many uses such as point of sale material, transit boxes and trays, layer cards to name but a few. Where more strength and rigidity is required, laminated paperboard can be used. Examples of this would be in the manufacture of beds and furniture or for dump bins for point of sale advertising.

Paper Board Sheets

We can offer various grades of paper board sheets including:

  • Unlined chipboard/greyboards
  • Brown lined.
  • Kraft lined – either both one and two sided.
  • White lined – white sheets which are one and two sided.
  • Polythene/Polyester/Silicon lined.
  • Paper lined boards.

To find out more about our range of brown or white paperboard sheets, rolls or other material, contact our specialist team at Preston Board & Packaging Ltd on 01772 254187 for any assistance or email with any enquires on our range of products and services.

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