Crusade Fire

 Crusade Fire has a semi-gloss double coated surface that provides superior printing characteristics, with excellent levels of whiteness and stiffness.

Crusade Fire is flexible enough to enable the material to mould to various angles when placed in display frames. Product expels zero chemical odour and is 100% recyclable.

Crusade Fire complies with the most stringent safety regulations in the world. Its unrivalled specification includes:

  • Reduced spread of flame
  • Lower heat release
  • Low level of toxic fumes release
  • Reduction in density of smoke.

Crusade Fire is designed for the following applications:

  • Underground Transport Systems
  • Subway/Train/Tram stations
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centres
  • Government Buildings
  • Public areas

Download Datasheet (PDF)

Crusade Fire Datasheet


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