How solid board is used in packaging

solid board boxesA solid board cardboard box as used for packaging electronic devices.  Image by Sergei Kardashev (via Shutterstock).

Where would we be without solid board?  For a start, the packaging of food and non-food items would be less straightforward.  Solid board packaging is suitable for the safe and sturdy packaging of any fresh and processed foodstuffs, and electronic devices.

Not only is it durable; it is a clean material that can be printed. Whether you are packing fish fingers or smartphones, it is a good all round material.White solid board is made from bleached chemical pulp which is suitable for direct food contact,this can be coated to provide a moisture barrier.

In some cases, the packaging can be lined inside for extra protection.  With the addition of bubble wrap and cardboard inserts, this allows for the safe dispatch of goods.  As well as protecting your goods, it also looks good on the shelves – whether you sell potato waffles or portable devices.

Where we come in

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