Die Cutting Services in the Cardboard Industry

cardboard die cuttingThe ubiquitous use of cardboard in the industrial world calls for cardboard die cutting services to cut and shape the board. As a significant component of a whole production chain, the quality, speed, and efficiency of cutting and shaping cardboard affects a considerable number of sub-assemblies, components, and assemblies. At Preston Board and Packaging Ltd, we understand our role in the cardboard-utilising industry and are dedicated to implementing the latest technology. For example, each die is designed for the type of cardboard that we are cutting or shaping.

Today, cardboard die cutting technology has achieved a level of sophistication capable of cutting through a single layer of laminate. We apply this advanced technology by using three different cardboard die cutting machines. You could say we embed flexibility into our technology. For you, our customer, this means your cardboard containers are also enhancing your branding activities. You convey your product and style at the same time. And as for us, that means Preston Board is capable of the rapid execution of a vast array of precise designs.

The many industrial applications of cardboard

Die cutting is not the only thing we do at Preston Board. As part of our general conversion services, we create a cardboard that can withstand greater stress by altering its width and shape. For example, the laminating material used by Preston Board makes cardboard stronger by bonding the materials together with a poly vinyl acetate glue. An inner core provides strength while the smooth outer layers present a durable surface. A lamination process can produce a 5mm sheet in thickness of up to 2000 x 3200mm. Another of our services is cornering and edge protection angles. Cornering the sharp edges of a pallet with cardboard makes sure your goods are not damaged in transit, particularly if the goods or the pallet proves to be unstable. Preston Board produces edge protection angles with bespoke lengths and printed with your company logo.

Preston Board and Packaging is there for you

In addition to cutting, shaping, laminating, and protecting, we offer various types of tubing. Spiral wound tubes are the industrial standard for packing and shipping lightweight products that cannot be folded, for instance wall paper or posters. Convolute tubes have a higher beam strength than spiral wound tubes and are suitable for heavier products such as textiles. The tubes coming in different sizes and can be printed or plain and come in a white or brown finish. From die cutting to guillotining, we are committed to eco-friendly products in sizes, thicknesses and shapes to suit all your industrial needs.