“You only get one chance to make a first impression” – Will Rogers

According to some market research studies, ‘more than one third of consumer decision making is based on package design’. In an increasingly competitive consumer landscape, it’s crucial that your packaging is working for you, not against you.

As the global ‘war on plastic’ starts to gain momentum, there’s never been a better time to re-evaluate your packaging, and paperboard packaging ticks all the boxes. Not only is it versatile, easy to to store, economical and environmentally friendly, it can be adapted to suit almost any industry.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverage packaging brings its own set of challenges; not only does it have to be aesthetically appealing, but it also needs to be functional – and paperboard meets both needs. For example, advances in technology now mean that both paperboard and the inks printed onto it can withstand the high temperatures of microwave heating; this gives retailers and manufacturers the opportunity to move away from damaging plastic consumption, and appeal directly to environmentally conscious consumers.


Several recent market research studies have shown that consumers are moving away from traditional retail offerings in favour of ‘experience based’ purchases. This means clever use of packaging to turn an ordinary purchase into an experience is more important than it ever has been.


Healthcare is another growing international market. With the advent of the ‘fit not thin’ millennial ethos, there has been a boom in interest and production of self-care products, vitamins, minerals and other health supplements. Even a brief amount of research shows that several high end manufacturers are rapidly moving away from plastic as a packaging concept; paperboard is not only functional and economical, it’s an instant signal to consumers actively looking for companies with green credentials.

Thanks to the steady march of technology, the options for using paperboard packaging are almost limitless at this point. As a material, it is almost infinitely adaptable in its uses, regardless of whether your packaging needs to entirely rigid or retain some flexibility. Regardless of whether your brand is looking to convey high-end luxury, or actively promote its environmental consciousness, there is almost certainly a paperboard solution which will fit your objectives and your budget.

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