Paper packaging materials are produced from a valuable substance called cellulose which is extracted from trees. These packaging materials are durable, easy to treat and light weight for cargo shipment. They can be made to fold flat for storage and shipping and they can be fluted for extra protection and cushioning.

Paper packaging materials are very versatile, made from natural fibres and can be moulded into various shapes and sizes. This makes the use of paper packing sheets very popular in industries such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, leisure and food industries where they have aseptic and direct food contact applications.

Other Benefits of Paper Sheet Type Packaging

Their use offers distinct economic advantages. Modern technological advancement in paper manufacturing has led to the production of lighter, thinner and yet durable, more robust packing materials even while utilising less quantity of raw materials for production. Various types are used for producing packaging materials.

Various types of paper sheet products are manufactured to meet different packaging requirements and they offer greater durability than standard paper or cardboard. These products are ideal for food packaging and many other similar purposes. Paper sheets are available as single layer or multi-layer paper boards.

Single Layer Sheet

These are strong, durable sheets which can be glued or die-cut for packaging purposes. They are suitable for lamination, and it is easy to print on them or have them embossed.

Multi-layer Paperboard

Thinner boards are suitable for use in food packaging such as cereal boxes and juice cartoons, and they can be used for trays and point of sale boxes. The silicon paper products are non-stick and re-usable. They are ideal for baking bread, muffins and pastries.

The thicker paperboard are heavier and stronger, and are suitable for use in various commercial and industrial packaging applications. They are manufactured from sustainable resources such as trees grown in forests and sheets made from recycled paper. They are cost-effective and easy to recycle even if they have been printed upon.

Paperboard products are available for a versatile range of commercial uses which include:

  • Brown line board
  • Unlined grey board or chipboard
  • White lined paperboard sheets
  • Kraft lined
  • Polyester lined boards
  • Polythene lined boards
  • Silicon lined boards
  • Paper lined boards

These products are ideal for cutting down on the use of plastics for packaging and advertising. They are great for companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint since they utilise sustainable resources.