Paperboard packaging

Paperboard Packaging: Uses and Applications

Whether it’s coated or uncoated, paperboard packaging is a very versatile product with a wide variety of possible uses and applications. From the simple transportation of goods between factory and warehouse to the display of luxury products at point-of-sale, the possibilities for this commodity are almost limitless.

The Humble Cardboard Box

Even though ‘cardboard’ is not technically the correct term, the packaging box has been the staple of transportation of goods for decades. These simple boxes have been used for everything from moving house to delivering pizza, but in recent years there has been a rapid growth in other applications.

Food and Drink

This product can be used for both shipping and point-of-sale display, and is completely safe for direct contact with food. Just some of the possible uses in these industries are:

  • Chocolate (including luxury chocolate) and confectionery
  • Dry foods like pasta and breakfast cereals
  • Fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables
  • Pet foods
  • Easy-to-carry multipacks of beer, wine, water or energy drinks
  • Spirits and bag-in-box wine
  • Dry beverages – teas, coffees, etc.

Beauty, Personal Care and Health

The ability to print on this packaging allows it to be tailored for an assortment of different applications in these areas:

  • Hygiene/personal care products
  • Premium perfumes/aftershaves
  • Makeup, skincare and haircare products
  • Prescription, herbal and over-the-counter medicines
  • Toiletries, including travel/gift sets

The packaging also has a purity of look and feel that are vital in these particular industries.

Technology and Consumer Electronics

The latest gadgets require packaging that is both attractive to the end consumer as well as sturdy enough to be protective. Paperboard fits the bill on both of these counts. In the past, this product was used to transport white goods such as fridges and washing machines. More recently, there has been an expansion in the options available for smaller electronic/technology products:

  • Mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, etc.
  • Sports and exercise products, fitness monitoring products, etc.
  • Home and kitchen goods – cleaning and cooking gadgets
  • Entertainment products – TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, games consoles, etc.
  • Home office goods – desktop/laptop computers, printers/scanners/copiers, etc.

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